Asset Management Services IUIML is actively engaged in the capacity as a facilitator to channelize credit from various financial institutions and commercial banks in to the urban infrastructure sector and as Asset Managers to these lending institutions.

Currently IUIML provides a comprehensive range of asset management services to the Pooled Municipal Debt Obligation Facility which are broadly summarized below:
(i) Manage, operate and monitor the PMDO Facility in accordance with the Memorandum of Agreement (ii) Identify borrowers and projects that have the potential to be commercially viable (iii) Carry out an appraisal and due diligence of each borrower and/or projects from all relevant perspectives including but not limited to financial, technical, legal, commercial and environmental so as to establish the feasibility of the proposed project and identify critical issues relating to the same (iv) Formulate the risk rating framework to evaluate proposed projects (v) Negotiate, finalize and execute the financing documents with the Borrower(s), as per the terms and conditions approved by the Credit Committee (vi) Monitor that the terms and conditions under the respective financial assistance(s) are broadly complied with (vii) Appraise the Credit Committee on the progress of the projects, any issues relating to the financial assistances, overall progress of the Facility (viii) Assist Security Trustee and Trust & Retention Account Agent, in accordance with the financing documents (ix) Carry out any activity/function incidental or ancillary to the above functions and deemed fit by the Credit Committee
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